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Mac Village Media / Website Design

Responsive CMS Based Websites and E-Commerce Sites

We can create the perfect CMS based website for your business or event. Need an E-Commerce solution? No problem, we can help you regardless of how big your sales catalog is! We pride ourselves in creating clearly designed layouts that are intuitive with interactive visual technologies that are not only visually appealing but work on all current platforms and are socially connected. Our websites are responsive designs meaning that regardless of the device the site visitor is using such as an iPhone, iPad, Android or PC they will see a customized viewing experience that is optimized for them!

Utilizing open standards and technology plug-ins we can deliver high quality website designs that are fresh, easily maintainable, and cost effective! If you already have a website we can provide refresh services to the existing site or transition you into a new one. Would prefer to promote say an event, we can create and manage an event landing page that will be highly interactive and offer all the current Social Media technologies to encourage viral sharing.


We build websites that will dynamically present your content formated properly for the device your customers happen to be viewing your website on. It is no longer acceptable to have a website that just presents itself as a smaller version on someones phone or tablet.

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CMS Designed

Our websites are designed using WordPress as a Content Management System. What does this mean to you? For starters it makes it relatively simple for most users to make their own changes without having to go back to the web guy or gal every time a change is needed.

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Is it just us, or do most website development firms charge just too much? We pride ourselves in building functional and innovative websites that easily stay south of $10,000. Talk to us about what your vision is and let Mac Village Media show you a more affordable approach!

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Landing Pages

Are you offering a unique product or have a special event coming up? Landing pages are designed to produce highly engaging one page websites with a simple call to action to get your customer to engage. Let Mac Village Media create a landing page to convert those leads to customers!

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